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Christian Medical Fellowship of Kenya (CMF-Kenya) is a non-profit, member-based organization that brings together and coordinates a network of Christian healthcare professionals and students for fellowship, service, witness and professional growth in order to help them fully integrate their faith into their professional and personal lives.

CMF-Kenya was registered under the Societies Act with the Registrar of Societies on 19th February 1996 and was admitted to the membership of International Christian Medical and Dental Association, ICMDA in July 1998. The noble intention of fellowship among the medical fraternity translated to a wider vision that has seen CMF-Kenya transform the lives of those considered as economically predisposed while also building a legacy of competent health providers.

It achieves this through Fellowships, Discipleship Programs, Capacity Building, Strategic Partnership, and Medical Missions & Outreaches. Our members benefit from our rich programs and activities such as medical camps, professional trainings and seminars, conferences, professional sponsorships and networks with thousands of Christian Healthcare professionals in Kenya and beyond.

CMF-Kenya thus brings together health professionals from all cadres that they may walk together through various transitions- from being students to interns to professional livelihood; equipping them to be in touch with current events and motions in the Health and Christian fraternities; as well as how to handle ethical matters in the medical field and how to be effective Christian health professionals who walk in the Steps of the Great Physician; Jesus Christ.




for members through professional development training, mentorship, networking and exposure opportunities.



to encourage, promote and establish fellowship among health professionals in order to survive and thrive in their Christian walk.



Encourage and equip members for works of service through witnessing, exchange programs, exposure opportunities to serve with and among underpriviledged through medical missions and outreaches.


Capacity Building

for members through professional development training, mentorship, networking and exposure opportunities.


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